Case Study

FASTECH Builds a Green Hydrogen Refueling Station for Servco Honolulu

Honolulu, HI
FASTECH constructed a new green hydrogen re-fueling station using Air Products equipment.
First Public H2 Station in Hawaii
Servco’s station is the first publicly accessible hydrogen refueling station in Hawaii.
Hopes to Lessen Hawaii’s Fossil Fuel Dependence
As Hawaii has no natural energy resources, it is hoped that hydrogen production will give the state a safe, renewable energy source.
Creatively Saved Client Time and Money
FASTECH did value engineering and creative construction techniques before and during the project, saving Servco ~$150K and a month of construction time.


FASTECH was made aware of the project by Neil Nakai of Neil Nakai Inc., through his contacts at Servco and Rene Jacobs with Air Products. FASTECH was selected for the project based on their hydrogen experience and recommendation by Neil and Rene.

FASTECH provided all technical support, project management and project supervision. Mechanical work was done by FASTECH technicians.

The Project

The project scope was to construct a green hydrogen refueling station for Servco Honolulu’s fleet of eight Toyota Mirai passenger car vehicles.

Extensive AHJ (authority having jurisdiction) requirements and unknown subsurface obstacles affected the project schedule. FASTECH was responsible for finalizing all permits with the AHJ’s.

The Process

FASTECH did value engineering and creative construction techniques before and during the project that saved Servco approximately $150,000 and a month of construction time.

Why Green Hydrogen?

Green hydrogen is a true zero-emissions energy source, often referred to as the future of clean energy. To be considered 100% clean energy, green hydrogen must be produced using electricity from renewable sources, such as hydro, solar, or wind power. Green hydrogen does not emit greenhouse gases in the production process, unlike other forms of hydrogen.

In a process known as electrolysis, water molecules are split into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen is extracted as fuel, and the oxygen is then vented into the atmosphere with no negative impact on the environment. The result is a completely clean form of hydrogen made from renewable energy sources without carbon emissions.

Our hydrogen station will help show Hawaii residents how FCVs can make a real impact on our sustainability goals. FCVs offer zero carbon emissions and zero compromise on refueling time and driving range, and give customers another option to reduce their carbon footprint.

Mark Fukunaga

Chairman and CEO of Servco

How Long Did the Project Take?

The project was completed on time and on budget between November 2017 and April 2018.

The Results

This landmark station was fully funded by Servco and is located at Servco’s flagship Toyota dealership in Mapunapuna. Hydrogen is made on site using a 25kg per day electrolyzer and solar power from Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO). It’s then compressed, stored and dispensed as needed.

The station can produce up to 20kg of green hydrogen daily and store approximately 100kg on-site – enough for up to 12 full vehicle fill-ups.

FASTECH installed equipment supplied by Air Products:

  • 25kg per day electrolyzer with power supply and cooling
  • Low and high pressure compression
  • Heat exchanger
  • Cooling block
  • High and low pressure storage
  • One dispenser

FASTECH: Your Alternative Energy Solutions Partner

Whether you’re already committed to selling alternative fuel or planning to transition in the future, choosing the right EPC partner for your hydrogen, CNG, or LNG fueling station is a significant business decision.

At FASTECH, we have over two decades of experience in the energy industry. We specialize in end-to-end solutions, from engineering and construction to ongoing maintenance and testing for many types of alternative fuel, including hydrogen, CNG, LNG, and propane. To date, we’ve built more hydrogen stations in California than anyone else.

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