Patented Sensor Mounting Brackets

FASTECH has developed two patented sensor mounting brackets that hold 208 sump sensors safely and securely inside fuel tank sumps and UDC sumps.

Fuel sump shutdowns can be very costly and inconvenient, which is why a time-tested and trusted product is necessary for preventing disruptions. We ensure proper sensor placement every time and guarantee easy access and zero obstructions for inspectors and testers.

FASTECH’s Sensor Bracket System Key Features:

FASTECH’s Sensor Bracket System Key Features:

  • Easy access
  • Reduce confined space entry
  • Secure and guaranteed placement at low point and correct side of sump.
  • Proper sensor placement every time.
  • Confirmation of sensor placement at a glance during annual inspections.
  • No tubes or sleeves obstructing visual confirmation by inspectors / testers.
  • Sensors can be removed and replaced without entering the sump
Need Help With Sensor Brackets?

Need Help With Sensor Brackets?

FASTECH can provide complete end to end services for fueling station construction, consulting, and maintenance. Contact us today for more information about our sensor bracket systems and other fueling station solutions.

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