Case Study

FASTECH Installs ICA’s Second Hydrogen Station in North America

Seal Beach, California
FASTECH contracted with Fiedler Group to build a hydrogen fueling station for Iwatani, the second of six projects planned.
Kept Station and Garage Open During Construction
FASTECH utilized a phased approach to construction to minimize the impacts on the existing gas station’s operations.
Energized Station Within Two Weeks of Project Completion
FASTECH prioritized installing the incoming electrical utility substructures to accelerate the usually slow process of getting power.
First Retail Hydrogen Station In Seal Beach
ICA’s project will add a critical refueling point for fuel cell vehicle drivers in the area.


ICA’s development team worked with FASTECH and Fiedler Group on other hydrogen projects. Fiedler handled the design and permitting on this project, engaging FASTECH to construct the station.

The Project

ICA chose FASTECH and Fiedler to roll out their second of six retail hydrogen refueling stations in North America.

One of the project’s conditions was to keep the existing gas station and operational repair garage open during construction. This made it challenging to install the station modules, storage vessels, dispensers, and ancillary equipment.

The Process

FASTECH utilized a phased construction approach to minimize the impacts on the existing gas station’s operations. Relocation and reconstruction of an air-water station, propane tank, driveways, and ADA pathways were all sequenced to avoid a complete station closure.

The new station also required that electrical utility power be brought in from over 300 feet away – the same area that the piping and conduit to the dispensers needed to be installed.

FASTECH used two station modules and supporting equipment from NEL. FASTECH installed the equipment and the first ICA dispenser spanners, special architectural branding elements that overhang each dispenser.

FASTECH Installed:

  • 2 NEL station modules and dispensers
  • A 48-vessel assembly of Tenaris high storage vessels
  • All the ancillary equipment to support the new station, including a site emergency shutdown system and security cameras.

How Long Did the Project Take?

The project broke ground in August 2021 and was substantially completed in February 2022. Commissioning is ongoing as of spring 2022.

The Results

Due to the focus on installing the electrical utility infrastructure early in the project, the site was able to be energized and started commissioning within just a few weeks of substantial construction completion. This helped move the station into the commissioning and operational phases much quicker than the average station.

This station will be the first retail hydrogen station in Seal Beach and will add a critical refueling point for fuel cell vehicle drivers in the area.

The project is one of several planned hydrogen refueling stations for ICA and will demonstrate the demand for additional hydrogen refueling infrastructure in California.

FASTECH: Your Alternative Energy Solutions Partner

Whether you’re already committed to selling alternative fuel or planning to transition in the future, choosing the right EPC partner for your hydrogen, CNG, or LNG fueling station is a significant business decision.

At FASTECH, we have over two decades of experience in the energy industry. We specialize in end-to-end solutions, from engineering and construction to ongoing maintenance and testing for many types of alternative fuel, including hydrogen, CNG, LNG, and propane. To date, we’ve built more hydrogen stations in California than anyone else.

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