FASTECH Builds a Fifth Hydrogen Refueling Station for ICA

Santa Ana, CA
The fifth of six projects in ICA’s first hydrogen refueling station program in North America.
New Alternative OC Fuel Source
This station is the first public retail hydrogen station in Santa Ana.
Centrally Located
This station is centrally located in Orange County near the busy 55 and I-5 interchange.

The Project

This project was the fourth of six projects in ICA’s first hydrogen refueling station program in North America.

The objective was to construct an ICA retail hydrogen refueling station at an active petroleum gas station using NEL-supplied equipment. This is the first retail hydrogen refueling station that will be open to the public, and the second hydrogen station in Santa Ana. FASTECH built the first hydrogen refueling station in Santa Ana for private bus refueling at the OCTA bus yard.


FASTECH has worked with Fiedler Group for many years. Fiedler Group handled the design and permitting on this project, engaging FASTECH to construct the station.

Iwatani’s development team had previously worked with Fiedler Group and FASTECH on other hydrogen projects and recognized the team as key players in rolling out their first retail hydrogen refueling station program. Fiedler Group and FASTECH successfully completed the first four projects of this program in Hawaiian Gardens, Seal Beach, Anaheim and Corona.

The Technology

FASTECH utilized a proven NEL proprietary system comprised of:

  • Two station modules
  • Two dispensers under a new canopy
  • An offload cabinet and HMI for deliveries
  • An assembly of Tenaris high pressure storage vessels
  • All the ancillary equipment needed to support the new station, including a site emergency shutdown system and security cameras

The Results

The project finished on time and within the budget of the original scope items. The project is one of several planned hydrogen refueling stations for ICA, and will demonstrate the demand for additional hydrogen refueling infrastructure in California.

The Santa Ana station will expand Iwatani’s hydrogen refueling network and provide an additional refueling point for fuel cell vehicle drivers in the surrounding area. The station is centrally located in Orange County with close proximity to the 55 and I-5 interchange.

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