FASTECH Installs ICA’s First Hydrogen Station in North America

Case Study

FASTECH Installs ICA’s First Hydrogen Station in North America

Partnered With Fiedler Group
FASTECH contracted with Fiedler Group to build the first North American hydrogen station for Iwatani, the first of six projects planned
Reduced Project Costs Creatively
FASTECH utilized directional boring to install electrical utility conduits, minimizing street closures, and reducing utility installation costs.
Met Ambitious Project Completion Goals
The project finished on time, within budget, and with no recordable safety incidents despite unforeseen challenges.
Worked Around Existing Station
FASTECH kept the existing gas station open while storage vessels, dispensers and equipment were installed.


FASTECH has worked with Fiedler Group for many years. Fiedler Group handled the design and permitting on this project, engaging FASTECH to construct the station.

ICA’s development team had previously worked with Fiedler and FASTECH on other hydrogen projects, and recognized the team as key players in rolling out their first retail hydrogen refueling station project.

The Challenge

FASTECH was selected to construct ICA’s first retail hydrogen refueling station in North America, the first of six sites to be completed in 2022.

A condition of construction was to keep the existing convenience store and gas station open during construction while the NEL station modules, storage vessels, dispensers, and ancillary equipment were installed.

Getting the new site energized by the electrical utility required coordination with the adjacent Hawaiian Gardens Casino. Careful scheduling and planning was key to making this happen.

The Solution

Power for the site was brought in from the street, approximately 400 feet away, requiring overnight street work and close coordination with the City.

FASTECH utilized directional boring to install the incoming electrical utility conduits from the street to minimize street closures and reduce the cost of the utility installation work.

FASTECH installed equipment supplied by NEL:

  • 2 station modules and dispensers
  • A 48-vessel assembly of Tenaris high pressure storage vessels
  • All ancillary equipment to support the new station, including a site emergency shutdown system and CC cameras


Iwatani Corporation of America (ICA) is a leading Japanese conglomerate, employing over 11,000 people in 250 companies worldwide. ICA has been steadily broadening its markets throughout the Americas over the past 30 years, selling ceramics, electronics, plastics, chemicals, metals, and agri-bio. In addition, ICA commands the LP gas, hydrogen and helium markets in Japan.

How Long Did the Project Take?

The project broke ground in mid-June 2021 and was substantially completed in October 2021. Commissioning is ongoing as of winter 2021.

The Results

The project finished on time, within budget, with no recordable safety incidents despite some unforeseen challenges. The project is the first of several planned hydrogen refueling stations for ICA, and will demonstrate the demand for additional hydrogen refueling infrastructure in California.

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