Case Study

FASTECH Builds a Third Hydrogen Refueling Station For ICA

Anaheim, CA
The third of six projects in ICA’s first hydrogen refueling station program in North America
Provides Hydrogen Fuel Source
Located at the intersection of two busy freeways, this station adds a critical refueling point for fuel cell vehicle drivers in the area.
Space-Saving Design
This project is one of the most compact retail hydrogen refueling stations constructed to date using NEL equipment.
Used Hydro-Excavation
Minimally invasive techniques excavated and exposed existing utility lines and buried obstacles that could not be easily identified from the surface.


FASTECH has worked with Fiedler Group for many years. Fiedler Group handled the design and permitting on this project, engaging FASTECH to construct the station.

Iwatani’s development team had previously worked with Fiedler Group and FASTECH on other hydrogen projects and recognized the team as key players in rolling out their first retail hydrogen refueling station program. Fiedler Group and FASTECH successfully completed the first two projects of this program in Hawaiian Gardens and Seal Beach.

The Project

This project was the third of six projects in ICA’s first hydrogen refueling station program in North America, demonstrating the demand for additional hydrogen refueling infrastructure in California.

The objective was to construct a new ICA-branded retail hydrogen refueling station at an existing Mobil gas station. The project required coordination with the electrical utility to bring in new service across a busy street to power the existing gas and new hydrogen stations.

The Process

The configuration of the existing gas station and the location of the proposed hydrogen equipment compound left very little space for temporary construction facilities. As a result, FASTECH worked with neighboring property owners to create additional staging areas for construction equipment during the project. Notably, a large hydraulic mobile crane was erected in the adjacent property’s parking lot and lifted hydrogen equipment over the wall into its final position.

The new electrical service for the hydrogen station and existing gas station originated on the other side of a busy four-lane street, with many existing utility pipelines and conduits running underneath. Therefore, the City required extensive street restoration as a condition of the new installation.

FASTECH utilized a combination of directional boring and open trenching methods to safely cross the street and avoid striking any existing utilities. Street restoration of the affected area was carried out in phases to avoid significant traffic disruption and ensure the safety of the public and the construction crews.

FASTECH used hydro-excavation techniques to excavate and expose existing utility lines and other buried obstacles that could not be easily identified from the surface. This minimally-invasive technique allowed for visual inspection of crossing utilities via small holes at the surface so that new piping and conduits for the hydrogen station could be routed more accurately.

Anaheim Fire and Rescue requested additional training for their first responders before allowing the commissioning and operation of the station. As a result, FASTECH coordinated with Anaheim Fire and Rescue, NEL’s commissioning team, and the FG Synergy team to facilitate an on-site training session and walk-through for first responders should they need to address any hazards at the new site.

Equipment Used:

  • 2 NEL station modules and dispensers
  • A 24-vessel assembly of Tenaris high storage vessels
  • Ancillary equipment to support the new station, including a site emergency shutdown system and security cameras

How Long Did the Project Take?

  • Construction start date: November 2021
  • Construction substantial completion date: April 2022
  • Commissioning date range: Fall 2022

Open to the public date: TBD

Iwatani hydrogen refueling station in Anaheim, CA

The Results

Despite the small area available for the new station construction, the primary equipment compound and dispensers were finished on schedule. However, completing the site hinged on coordination with the electrical utility and local fire department.

This site demonstrates the feasibility of constructing a new hydrogen station in a developed area that may have very little room for improvements. Hydrogen refueling equipment can be tucked behind an existing building using fire-rated walls to reduce setback distances. This allows larger equipment to be located in a previously under-utilized site area while the dispensers are still easily visible and accessible from the street.

This station will add a critical refueling point for fuel cell vehicle drivers in Anaheim and surrounding areas. The site’s location has the potential to serve a larger customer base since it is easily accessible from both the 5 and 91 freeways.

FASTECH: Your Alternative Energy Solutions Partner

Whether you’re already committed to selling alternative fuel or planning to transition in the future, choosing the right EPC partner for your hydrogen, CNG, or LNG fueling station is a significant business decision.

At FASTECH, we have over two decades of experience in the energy industry. We specialize in end-to-end solutions, from engineering and construction to ongoing maintenance and testing for many types of alternative fuel, including hydrogen, CNG, LNG, and propane. To date, we’ve built more hydrogen stations in California than anyone else.

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