Case Study

FASTECH Builds a Fast-Fill CNG Refueling Site At a Clean Energy Fuels LNG Station

West Sacramento, CA
One of the first of a series of high-capacity CNG refueling stations planned for northern and central California.
Provides Much-Needed CNG Fuel Source
The location will serve local fleets, long-haul trucks, and other vehicles traveling on Interstate 80 that require a reliable source of CNG fuel.
Innovative Design
FASTECH installed six CNG compressors right next to one another, minimizing the overall equipment compound and allowing more room for vehicle traffic around the site.
Integrated LNG Vapors
As part of the integration between the CNG and LNG stations, FASTECH installed an ambient vaporizer to process LNG vapors for use in the CNG system, reducing vented gas.


FASTECH has worked with Clean Energy Fuels to build and upgrade dozens of CNG and LNG stations in California, Washington, Arizona, and Kansas. The West Sacramento site is one of the largest private CNG refueling stations in the area and had an aggressive construction timeline.

FASTECH committed to the accelerated schedule and was able to mobilize shortly after permits were issued for the project.

The Project

The project’s scope entailed building a fast-fill CNG refueling station at an existing LNG refueling station and integrating the two systems.

The project is part of a larger network of stations planned for northern and central California, supporting fleets of heavy-duty trucks, buses, and vans switching to CNG to minimize emissions and maximize carbon credits.

The initial design called for high-pressure tubing between the equipment compound and the dispensers to be installed overhead on the canopy. However, due to delays related to the permitting and installation of the canopy, FASTECH proposed running these lines underground, saving the client time and money.

An electrical utility interrupter is a high voltage switch between incoming power and the site transformer. The design location of the interrupter was on a steep slope leading into a drainage swale. FASTECH proposed relocating the interrupter to a flat area to avoid the cost and schedule impacts of constructing the retaining wall that would have been necessary to install the interrupter on the slope.

FASTECH coordinated between Clean Energy Fuels and the utility company to get the change approved.

The Process

The project adds significant CNG fueling capacity to the existing Clean Energy Fuels LNG station. Through careful planning, FASTECH was able to install roughly twice the amount of CNG fueling equipment that a smaller CNG refueling station contains in approximately the same amount of time.

A site with more than one compressor per dispenser facilitates faster fill times, reduces customer dwell time, and provides redundancy during maintenance.

It’s rare to have a station with six compressors for CNG fueling. Whereas most stations have one or two compressors, feeding two to four dispensers with two refueling positions, this site’s compressors feed four dispensers and five refueling positions.

The site was designed and built to support future CNG time-fill fueling positions in the undeveloped portion of the property.

Equipment Used:

  • 6 Clean Energy Fuels Compression CNG compressors
  • 2 PSB natural gas dryers
  • 6 high-pressure storage vessels
  • 2 priority panels
  • 4 high-flow CNG dispensers
  • A new canopy to cover the extended dispensing area

How Long Did the Project Take?

Construction Start: February 2022

Construction substantial completion date: June 2022

Commissioning date range: June 2022 – July 2022

Opening: Anticipated to be late July or early August

The project was finished on time and under budget, despite a series of logistical and design hurdles. The FASTECH team was able to anticipate and advise Clean Energy Fuels of potential delays before they became issues, providing engineering ideas to save costs where possible.

The Results

The project adds significant CNG fueling capacity to a site that previously only had two LNG fueling positions. The expanded site will provide a source of CNG to the local fleets of heavy-duty trucks, buses, and vans.

FASTECH: Your Alternative Energy Solutions Partner

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At FASTECH, we have over two decades of experience in the energy industry. We specialize in end-to-end solutions, from engineering and construction to ongoing maintenance and testing for many types of alternative fuel, including hydrogen, CNG, LNG, and propane. To date, we’ve built more hydrogen stations in California than anyone else.

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