Case Study

FASTECH Installs a New CNG Fueling Station for Food Express

Maywood, California
FASTECH installed a new CNG dispenser for Food Express in Maywood, California.
Coordinated with the Electrical Utility Company
Installation of large precast structures required accommodating design changes from the electrical utility during construction.
Maintained Design Intent and Station Layout
FASTECH worked with electrical utility inspectors to make changes and ensure all utility standards were met, while maintaining design and layout goals.
Partnered With a Directional-Boring Subcontractor
FASTECH worked with a subcontractor to eliminate the need for open trenching, minimizing impact to the facility.


FASTECH has successfully completed previous projects for Clean Energy Fuels that involved challenging utility infrastructure work on busy sites. FASTECH takes extra care to find creative solutions to minimize the impact to the site while executing the work safely and cost effectively.

FASTECH has worked with Clean Energy Fuels to construct and upgrade dozens of CNG and LNG stations in California, Washington, Arizona, and Kansas.

The Project

Food Express, a bulk food transportation services provider, has a single diesel fueling island at their Maywood, California facility for their fleet of 60 trucks. They wanted to install a new CNG dispenser on the same fuel island to aid their fleet in the transition from diesel to compressed natural gas.

Clean Energy Fuels approached FASTECH about the project due to the challenging nature of the incoming CNG and electrical utilities. The new fast fill dispenser was going to be approximately 250 feet from the existing equipment compound.

Therefore, a new gas line approximately 400 feet long had to be installed across a busy truck parking area. Installation of new electrical utility infrastructure required the installation of several large precast structures to support future electrical services. FASTECH accommodated several field design changes from the electrical utility during the course of construction.

The Process

FASTECH worked with the electrical utility inspectors to accommodate field changes and ensure all utility standards were met, while maintaining the original design intent and layout of the station.

“We’re pleased to work with Clean Energy Fuels on the construction of a new fast-fill station in Maywood, California. Building a station that is dedicated to our fleet will provide more seamless access to ultra-low carbon RNG and will further our company’s sustainable transportation goals.”

Kevin Keeney

Food Express President

How Long Did the Project Take?

FASTECH mobilized to the site in April, 2021. Once the site was energized by the electrical utility, major equipment was commissioned and online within 2 weeks. Construction was completed ahead of schedule in July, 2021 with no recordable safety incidents.

The Results

  • FASTECH worked with a directional-boring subcontractor to install the new gas utility piping, underground tubing, and conduit to the new fast-fill dispenser, thus eliminating the need for open trenching and greatly minimizing the impact to the facility.
  • FASTECH Installed a new CNG station with a single GE “CNG-in-a-Box” compressor skid, dryer, storage vessels, and one fast-fill dispenser.
  • FASTECH has now installed more than a dozen CNG-in-a-Box compressor skids. While this equipment is particularly challenging to install, FASTECH has optimized the installation speed while maintaining a high level of safety.
  • Completion of the station gave Maywood Food Express a new, reliable on-site source of CNG fueling for their delivery trucks.

FASTECH: Your Alternative Energy Solutions Partner

Whether you’re already committed to selling alternative fuel or planning to transition in the future, choosing the right EPC partner for your hydrogen, CNG, or LNG fueling station is a significant business decision.

At FASTECH, we have over two decades of experience in the energy industry. We specialize in end-to-end solutions, from engineering and construction to ongoing maintenance and testing for many types of alternative fuel, including hydrogen, CNG, LNG, and propane. To date, we’ve built more hydrogen stations in California than anyone else.

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