FASTECH Installs a Turnkey CNG Facility for Clean Energy Fuels

Case Study

FASTECH Installs a Turnkey CNG Facility for Clean Energy Fuels

Built Turnkey CNG Station
FASTECH built a turnkey compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station in Whittier, CA.
Installed Fast-Fill Dispensers
FASTECH installed new CNG fast-fill dispensers under a new retail canopy, with connections to the existing time-fill area that FASTECH had previously developed with Clean Energy.
Improved Fueling Capacity
Significantly improved fueling capacity of the Sanitation District’s private fleet and provided a more customer-friendly fast-fill experience for public customers and other fleets.
Exceeded Recycling Goals
Exceeded stringent recycling goals set in place by the Los Angeles Sanitation District.

Why Fastech

FASTECH previously worked with Clean Energy to expand the Los Angeles Sanitation District’s CNG fueling capacity. They created a time-fill fueling area inside their yard, supplied from the existing public LNG station.

Clean Energy reached out to FASTECH to continue into the final phases of the project: constructing a new ground-up CNG station and demolishing the old LNG station.

The Challenge

The Puente Hills Landfill, operated by the Los Angeles Sanitation District, is one of several sites that uses natural gas for fueling its fleet of maintenance vehicles. The station is also open to the public and other CNG-powered fleets.

Clean Energy needed to build a CNG fueling station to replace the landfill’s existing LNG station, which no longer supported LNG trucks’ fleets. The site had already been modified to provide CNG fueling capacity to the private fleet and public customers.

The LNG station had to remain operational during the construction of the new CNG station, as it supported limited CNG fueling capacity that the private fleet and public customers relied on. This required FASTECH to use a two-phase approach: the construction phase for the new CNG station and the demolition phase for the existing LNG station.

The Solution

  • The two GE “CNG in a Box” compressor skids that FASTECH used required precise installation of underground mechanical and electrical stub-ups in conjunction with a challenging anchoring sequence.
  • FASTECH perfected the layout and installation of these skids over several projects with Clean Energy, which saved time and resulted in a
    cleaner finished product for the customer.
  • Once the new CNG station was operational, FASTECH demolished the adjacent LNG station. FASTECH had to perform the demolition carefully to avoid damaging the newly constructed fast-fill CNG dispensers and canopy.
Clean Energy


Clean Energy Fuels is a renewable energy company focused on the procurement and distribution of renewable natural gas (RNG) in the form of compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG). Clean Energy fuels more than 25,000 RNG vehicles daily across all transportation sectors, from heavy-duty fleets and refuse trucks to transit buses.

Project Type
Natural gas (CNG) fueling station
Whittier, California
Construction Duration
Four months; demolition of the existing LNG station took approximately one month

How Long Did the Project Take?

Construction of the new CNG station took approximately four months; demolition of the existing LNG station took approximately one month.

The Results

  • The existing LNG station had a poor layout for fueling and limited CNG fueling capacity. The project significantly improved the fueling capacity of the Sanitation District’s private fleet of trucks inside their fenced yard. It also provided a more customer-friendly fast-fill experience for public customers and other fleets of vehicles.
  • Building an entirely new CNG station increased the overall CNG fueling capacity of the site. In addition, it made the station less reliant on LNG deliveries since a nearby utility pipeline supplies fuel to the new CNG station.
  • FASTECH finished the project on time and with no recordable safety incidents.


FASTECH started construction of the station in parallel with the gas and electrical utilities to minimize the critical path duration of the project. Construction of the CNG station followed a proven schedule sequence that FASTECH has developed over years of work with Clean Energy and the CNG equipment they use in their stations.

After completing the CNG station construction and commissioning the equipment, demolishing the LNG station began. FASTECH did this to maximize the space new public customers had to access the new fast-fill CNG dispensers.

Recycling Requirements

The Los Angeles Sanitation District strives to maximize recycling efforts on all its projects. Therefore, it included recycling goals for the new CNG station’s construction and demolition of the existing LNG station.

FASTECH exceeded the project’s recycling goals and provided a complete documentation package, including dump tickets for all recycled material.

FASTECH: Your Alternative Energy Solutions Partner

Whether you’re already committed to selling alternative fuel or planning to transition in the future, choosing the right construction partner for your fueling station project is a significant business decision.

At FASTECH, we have over two decades of experience in the energy industry. We specialize in end-to-end solutions, from planning and construction to ongoing maintenance and testing for many types of alternative fuel, including hydrogen, CNG, LNG, and propane. To date, we’ve built more hydrogen stations in California than anyone else.

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