How Service Station Maintenance Keeps Your Gas Station Pumping

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How Service Station Maintenance Keeps Your Gas Station Pumping

Running a gas station can be expensive. That’s why having a preventive maintenance schedule is critical to help you save money on costly repairs due to negligence. To ensure that your station is in top condition, we suggest creating a gas station maintenance checklist. Today we’ll go over our top gas station maintenance tips to help you get started.

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Clean the Gas Station Pump

Gas pumps are sensitive pieces of equipment that require specific, careful maintenance to maximize their life span. We recommend examining your gas pumps at least once a week to check for leaks on the pumps, filters, hoses, nozzles, joints, or fittings.

When cleaning the gas pumps, focus on low-impact cleaning to keep your pumps looking presentable. Use a degreaser and damp hand towels to minimize any unnecessary damage to your equipment.

Check Underground Storage Tanks

Leaks in underground storage tanks are a significant hazard in a fueling station. A gas leak can quickly rack up costs from lost gas and repairs or replacements to equipment the leak has damaged.

In addition, because gasoline is highly flammable, leaks can also be hazardous to your employees, not to mention causing environmental issues.

To ensure your gas tanks are functioning correctly, check your overfill alarms periodically and ensure they are working correctly. An alert system enables you to quickly locate any gas leaks and address them immediately to prevent further damage or injury.

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Power Wash Spills

Leaking gasoline and other automotive fluids can leave stubborn stains on concrete and asphalt. However, these stains can be easily removed with the right pressure washer equipment and technique.

Although removing these stains isn’t impossible, it can be a challenge. If you want to do it yourself, research the proper water temperature and cleaning products for your needs.

You can also hire a professional cleaning service to take care of spills for you. At FASTECH, we offer spill containment services with our maintenance packages, giving you one less thing to cover on your gas station inspection checklist.

Check for Problem Areas

In addition to regularly scheduled maintenance, we recommend taking a proactive approach and checking your entire station for problem areas. These include checking for:

  • Fuel dispenser leaks
  • Broken cables
  • Missing warning labels
  • Malfunctioning meters

One of our best gas station maintenance tips is to split up your tasks by how often you should do them. For example, some maintenance tasks are infrequent but very important (such as checking the fuel for bacterial infestation or microbial growth) and should be done around once a month.

Other types of maintenance that are essential to your business operations should be performed often, at least once a week. These tasks  include:

  • Checking the pump meter and reset button
  • Monitoring the fuel gauge for proper operation
  • Looking for any leaks from your equipment

If you find any leaks or other damage, FASTECH can help.

Partner With FASTECH to Simplify Your Gas Station Maintenance Checklist

“Break-fix” solutions are slow, expensive, and often unreliable. Finding help when you need it often involves calls to separate vendors, which can be time-consuming and cost you more down the road. That’s why regular maintenance and repairs are essential to operate a gas station safely.

FASTECH is the maintenance partner you need. FASTECH excels in all aspects of service station and energy infrastructure maintenance, from conventional gas stations to renewable energy and car washes.

We have 25+ years of experience building and maintaining safe, efficient, and compliant gas stations and energy facilities.

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