FASTECH Celebrates Milestone Achievement in Support of First-ever Tri-gen Plant

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FASTECH Celebrates Milestone Achievement in Support of First-ever Tri-gen Plant

FASTECH proudly announces its integral role as the contractor of record in the successful completion of the groundbreaking Tri-gen project in Long Beach, California.

Drawing on extensive experience and expertise in hydrogen fueling infrastructure solutions, FASTECH’s team demonstrated exceptional proficiency in bringing this project to fruition.

The Tri-gen System

Owned, built and operated by Fuel Cell Energy (FCE), this first-of-its-kind facility revolutionizes sustainable energy production and supply at Toyota Logistics Services (TLS) Long Beach, supporting facility operations with 100% renewable energy. The system produces 2.3 MW of renewable electricity, part of which supports the processing of 200,000 new vehicles annually.

At the heart of this innovative technology is a sophisticated molten carbonate fuel cell system that converts renewable biogas into electricity, hydrogen, and clean, usable water, all achieved through an efficient process that eliminates air pollutants.

The plant also supplies hydrogen to the nearby Shell HDV station to support drayage operations and TLS Long Beach to fuel incoming Toyota Mirai vehicles before the new vehicles are delivered to local dealers.

FASTECH’s Role as Contractor of Record

Being the first of its kind, the Tri-gen system presented FASTECH with a series of entirely new challenges and opportunities. Despite the complexity and novelty of the project, FASTECH maintained a nimble approach to troubleshooting challenges, accommodating strategy shifts, and navigating uncharted territory. Additionally, the remarkable achievement of supporting the Tri-gen plant with zero lost-time incidents is a testament to FASTECH's unwavering dedication to the well-being of its workforce and the community.

"This project presented a unique challenge that pushed the boundaries of innovation in hydrogen fueling infrastructure," said Dan McGill, President of FASTECH. “With the Tri-gen plant now actively generating power, we are one step closer to realizing our goals of a greener and more sustainable future."

Collaborating with Toyota and FuelCell Energy, FASTECH harnessed the team’s combined pool of expertise, resources, and research capabilities to push the boundaries of sustainable energy solutions and set new standards for EPCM services within the alternative energy industry.

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FASTECH is a leading end-to-end energy solutions company specializing in the engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance (EPCM) of conventional and alternative fueling infrastructure. With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, FASTECH aims to deliver cutting-edge energy solutions that drive economic growth while preserving the environment for future generations.


Robert Awbrey

Vice President, General Manager


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