FASTECH Celebrates Successful Launch of the Groundbreaking Tri-Gen Renewable Hydrogen Facility at the Port of Long Beach

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FASTECH Celebrates Successful Launch of the Groundbreaking Tri-Gen Renewable Hydrogen Facility at the Port of Long Beach

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Buena Park, CA - May 7, 2024 - FASTECH, a leader in engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance of sustainable fuel infrastructure, proudly announces its critical role in the recent launch of the first-of-its-kind tri-gen facility at the Port of Long Beach. This innovative project, realized in collaboration with FuelCell Energy and Toyota, represents a significant step forward in sustainable port operations by simultaneously producing renewable hydrogen, electricity, and clean water.

The tri-gen facility, a pioneering development at the Port of Long Beach, is designed to bolster Toyota’s port operations through in-house, renewable energy production. By harnessing an electrochemical process, the facility transforms biogas into renewable hydrogen, electricity, and water without combustion, thereby eliminating almost all air pollution. This landmark achievement underscores the facility’s critical role in contributing to the Port of Long Beach's ambitious goal for zero-emissions terminal operations by 2030.

As an appointed General Contractor, FASTECH leveraged its extensive experience in renewable energy projects to spearhead the on-site assembly and commissioning process of the tri-gen facility. FASTECH's commitment to excellence and innovative solutions were instrumental in overcoming the unique challenges presented by this complex project, firmly establishing FASTECH's prowess in advancing renewable energy infrastructure.

This monumental project's success was made possible through the collective efforts of FASTECH, FuelCell Energy, Toyota, Shell, and an array of esteemed project stakeholders. Special recognition is due to FuelCell Energy for their leadership in hosting and organizing the impactful Tri-Gen Open House and Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony, which was attended by local and regional government officials, project team stakeholders, and an enthusiastic community of VIP guests.

“The successful completion of the tri-gen facility marks a significant milestone in our continuous journey to innovate and contribute towards sustainable energy solutions,” said Dan McGill, President & Founder. “This project not only demonstrates our expertise in the field but also strengthens our partnerships with pioneers like FuelCell Energy and Toyota. We are deeply honored to be a part of this visionary project that sets a new benchmark for clean energy production.”

FASTECH remains committed to the mission of driving innovation in renewable energy and sustainability across North America and beyond. This project paves the way for future initiatives that aim to transform energy production, consumption, and environmental stewardship, reinforcing FASTECH's role as a catalyst for change in the industry.

FASTECH extends its gratitude to all partners, stakeholders, and the community for their support and collaboration. This project exemplifies the powerful impact of collective ambition and ingenuity in creating a sustainable future.


FASTECH is a leading end-to-end energy solutions company specializing in the engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance (EPCM) of conventional and alternative fueling infrastructure. With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, FASTECH aims to deliver cutting-edge energy solutions that drive economic growth while preserving the environment for future generations:

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