Responding to Market Need
In an effort to keep our ground water and air safe, the regulatory and compliance environment for underground tank storage units, fueling pumps, and air quality is an ever-changing state of affairs. With new fuel regulations, comes unforeseen compliance issues such as possible fuel tank removal and replacement, service station construction, retrofitting, and fuel pump upgrades.

Throughout the years, FASTECH has become the industry leader in creating innovation that make fueling industry compliance and upgrades a more streamlined event, with minimal downtime. FASTECH holds 6 patents and has developed more than 25 innovative new products including:

One Sump - The “One Sump” is a patented sump, which allows turbines, TLMs, and fill and vapor recovery spill containment buckets to be installed and contained in a single sump providing efficiency and space savings.

Manhole Saw - Allowing for FL90 watertight manhole covers to be installed without breaking concrete, the Manhole Saw was created to minimize interference with fuel sales, and to eliminate the need for additional permitting.

eSite - FASTECH teamed up with BEI, Inc. to develop the first personal computer-based monitoring system that is capable of interfacing with nearly all components of a fueling station.

AB2481 Monitoring System - Joint ventured in the refinement of SystemOne®, a double-walled tank top sumps, UDSx, penetration fittings, along with a new vacuum monitoring system.

Enhanced Leak Detection Tester - To ensure a facility will pass a Tracer Test, FASTECH patented a vacuum technology to verify piping prior to backfill.

SB989 Secondary Containment Tester - To significantly minimize system shutdown, FASTECH developed a certified secondary containment test (SB989 Testing) that runs in 12 minutes. Prior to FASTECH’s development, a test of this magnitude took 24 hours and required stations to be shut down.

Riser Isolation - In order to meet federal requirements for corrosion protection, FASTECH created tank top risers that isolate the tank from backfill.

Wax Barrier Sump Installation Method - A patented technology developed by FASTECH to assist the petroleum industry to make watertight tank top sumps.