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Alternative Fueling Stations from FASTECH

As environmental concerns become more serious, the demand for alternative fuel increases as well. FASTECH’s full service gas station contractors in California can provide end to end services within the alternative fuels marketplace. Over the years we have constructed over 50 CNG fueling stations, 7 LNG fueling stations, and over 25 hydrogen refueling stations. From engineering and construction, to permitting and maintenance – we do it all.

CNG Fueling Stations

Natural gas, comprised mostly of methane, is compressed to form CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). This type of fuel is found above oil deposits, in landfills, and in wastewater treatment plants. Not only does CNG fuel produce far less polluting gases, but it is also safer in the event of a spill. Natural gas is lighter than air, and dispersed quickly if released.

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LNG Fueling Stations

LNG stands for liquefied natural gas, and it takes up less volume than natural gas in the gaseous state. This makes it more cost effective to transport. When the natural gas is liquefied, things like acid, dust, water, gases, helium, and heavy hydrocarbons are removed to make it easier to transport.

Hydrogen Refueling Stations

As zero emission vehicles become more popular, the need for hydrogen refueling stations has risen. Fuel cell vehicles (electric cars) combine hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity, which then powers the motor. The only byproducts generated by this fuel are heat and water, making it ideal for environmentally conscious drivers. Hydrogen can be derived from natural gas, but new requirements in California are working to ensure that hydrogen is produced from cleaner sources.

If you are looking to engineer and construct an alternative fueling station, contact FASTECH today.

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