Alternative Fueling Stations from FASTECH

As environmental concerns become more serious, the demand for alternative fuel increases as well. FASTECH’s full service gas station contractors in California can provide end to end services within the alternative fuels marketplace. Over the years we have constructed over 50 CNG fueling stations, 7 LNG fueling stations, and over 25 hydrogen refueling stations. From engineering and construction, to permitting and maintenance – we do it all.

CNG Fueling Stations

Natural gas, comprised mostly of methane, is compressed to form CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). This type of fuel is found above oil deposits, in landfills, and in wastewater treatment plants. Not only does CNG fuel produce far less polluting gases, but it is also safer in the event of a spill. Natural gas is lighter than air, and dispersed quickly if released.

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LNG Fueling Stations

LNG stands for liquefied natural gas, and it takes up less volume than natural gas in the gaseous state. This makes it more cost effective to transport. When the natural gas is liquefied, things like acid, dust, water, gases, helium, and heavy hydrocarbons are removed to make it easier to transport.

Hydrogen Refueling Stations

As zero emission vehicles become more popular, the need for hydrogen refueling stations has risen. Fuel cell vehicles (electric cars) combine hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity, which then powers the motor. The only byproducts generated by this fuel are heat and water, making it ideal for environmentally conscious drivers. Hydrogen can be derived from natural gas, but new requirements in California are working to ensure that hydrogen is produced from cleaner sources.

If you are looking to engineer and construct an alternative fueling station, contact FASTECH today.

CNG – Alternative Fueling Stations

CNG is an acronym for compressed natural gas – a fuel composed of methane stored at high pressure that can be used in place of gasoline, diesel, and propane.

How is CNG Fuel Made?

CNG is created when natural gas is compressed to less than 1% of the volume it would normally occupy at standard atmospheric pressure. It is typically stores at 20-25 MPa in hard, cylindrical tanks.

Where is it Found?

CNG fuel can be collected from a number of sources, including above oil deposits. It can also be collected from landfills and wastewater treatment plants. When gathered from the latter two sources it is referred to as biogas.

Vehicle Types

CNG fuel can be used in traditional combustion engines as well as special vehicles that have been modified for CNG use. It can be used alone or in conjunction with another fuel type.

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Fewer Gases

One of the main benefits of using CNG fuel is that it produces less greenhouse gases than gasoline, diesel, or propane. This makes it better for the environment.


In the event of a spill, CNG fuel is also much safer to use, as this natural gas is lighter than air and disperses quickly.

CNG Stations

FASTECH can provide complete end to end services for CNG station construction, as well as other alternative fuel sources. Contact us today for more information about our work with CNG fueling stations.

The Importance of Compliance Testing for Your Gas Station

When you own gas stations, one of the most important tasks you undertake is ensuring that all of your operations are in compliance with all safety and environmental regulations. This is even more important than tracking your profits, because a slip up in this area can affect every other aspect of your business operation and result in injuries and loss at your locations. FASTECH provides gas station testing in California to ensure that your fueling system is completely up-to-date and within the regulations.

Stay up to Code

Regular compliance testing at your gas station will ensure that you are not in violation of any local, state, or federal codes. If any aspect of your fueling operation is not up to code, you could risk heavy penalties, and possible closure of your operation.

FASTECH technicians come equipped with commonly replaced parts so that we can make same-day repairs if necessary.

Prevent Leaks and Spills

When it comes to a fueling station, leaks and spills are incredibly dangerous. Not only can you lose profit due to damaged materials, but you also risk severely injuring customers and employees. Compliance testing can help you spot potential spills before they happen.

Ensure Your Success

Getting regular compliance testing is the hallmark of successful fueling operations. Getting this testing done on a regular basis can help you save money over time by fixing small problems before they get out of hand and damage property or injure people. It can also save you from facing the penalty of code violations. Invest in your future with compliance testing from FASTCH. Contact us today.

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